Unique collars with leashes

-Jeweled collar
-Twinkle Collars & Harnesses
-Soft Harnesses
-Pendant Only
-Designer collar and leashes
-Unique collar
-Leather collars

Twinkle Jeweled Harness

Flower collar & Harness

Unique Dog Collars & leashes

We offer the unique military look collars in both blue or brown, and the rainbow colors if you like it a little brighter.
Both are our designers creations.

New Items Coming Soon!

The usual and unsual Puppy Swirls

Pouncing, bouncing
bounding, growling.
Tooth and nail
nose to tail.
Puppy fury
wiggle, worry.
Chewy, squeeky
getting cheeky.
Bobbing, weaving
toys retrieving.
Hustle, tussle
building muscle.
Growling, scowling
sometimes howling.
Yelping, yawning
licking, fawning.
Whirling, curling
sleep unfurling.
Whimper, twitching
puppy snoring.
Peaceful, dreaming
until morning.

by Carol Truman - adapted by doggiedesigner