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Dog Jean

Mink Doggie Sweater


Wedding Dress Tuxedo--Adjustable Chest!

• They say a reasonable amount o' fleas is good for a dog - it keeps him from broodin' over bein' a dog mebbe. - Edward Noyes Westcott
• It is the way of a dog that if he is hit by a stone, he bites a fellow dog. - The Zohar
• Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Mad dogs and Englishmen
Go out in the midday sun. - Noel Coward
• The Invitation, To Tom Highes
What we can we will be,
Honest Englishmen.
Do the work that's nearest,
Though it's dull at whiles,
Helping, when we meet them,
Lame dogs over stiles. - Charles Kingsley
• Sonnet 12 "I did but prompt the age'
I did but prompt the age to quit their clogs
By the known rules of ancient liberty,
When straight a barbarous noise environs me
Of owls and cuckoos, asses, apes and dogs. - John Milton