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• "I like a bit of a mongrel myself, whether it's aman or a doggie; it's best for every day." - George Bernard Shaw - adapted by doggiedesigner
• "A pekingeese is not a pet doggie; he is an undersized lion." - A A Milne - adapted by doggiedesigner
• "Jesse has a new doggie. You may have noticed that his former pets have been peculiarly unfortunate. When this doggie dies every employee in the White House will be at once discharged." - Ulysses Grant to White house staff when his son got a Newfoundland pup, and after others of his dogs had died mysteriously - adapted by doggiedesigner
• " takes a strong minded human to appreciate a string-minded doggie!" - Mary Webber - adapted by doggiedesigner
• "When a shepherd goes to kill a wolf, and takes his doggie along to see the sport, he should take care to avoid mistakes. The dog has certain relationships to the wolf the shepherd may have forgotten." - Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - adaptation by doggiedesigner