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Jeweled Bandana Necklace

Cool bandana for big dogs

Bandanas for dog

Dog Bandanas & scarves Dog Bandanas & scarves
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Bandanas for dogs Bandanas & scarves

Embroided eagle scarfs for big dog.
Check clothing for a motorcycle jacket.

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Category: Scarves
Fabric:Imitation leather

Size Chart(Inch)
L 12 inch~free size (adjustable)
XL 16½ inch~free size (adjustable)
XXL 20 inch~free size

My angle, my only

Speak softley and swiftly, my dearest friend.
I fear my time on earth is nearing the end
We have seen eachother through times so hard
remember that time, you sent me that card?
My mistress, my friend, you are so kind.
I was sitting in my cage, I thought no one was ever going to find
Then you came along, with your bright eyes searching,
when you first went past my cage, my heart went lurching
You came back, after a while,
and pointed to my cage with a smile.

That day you took me home, so many years gone past,
Now I will be in peace, at last,
at last. I will be waiting for you on the other side,
By the doors, the pearly gates, a little lonely,
My angle, my only